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High Touch High Tech provides all equipment and materials in this supply intensive, educational experience. We offer fun and educational 50-75-minute, hands-on, interactive in-school "field trips." Students receive take home experiments and certificates of program completion. Our fee is $8.00/student (local) or $9.00/student (non-local). These fees may be paid by parents - as they would for a regular, out-of-school field trip - outside grants, school board, PTA/PTO boosters and student fundraisers.

Our Programs Make Learning The Sunshine State Standards and the Georgia Performance Standards FUN!
High Touch High Tech's programs are all designed with the Sunshine State Standards, Georgia Performance Standards, and Common Core in mind. We know what the students need to learn in science. Each and every program addresses these standards.

What Children Say About Their "In-School" Field Trip
The most frequently heard testimonials from the children are "This was the BEST field trip ever!" or "I'm going to be a scientist just like you!" Parents and teachers will all agree that the children will talk about their High Touch High Tech science experience for years to come!

High Touch High Tech scientists are compliant with the guidelines for fingerprinting and background checks.

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!


Specific programs may be adapted for Grades 3-8.

Find out how much fun chemistry can be! Conduct a chromatography experiment and watch colors separate before your very eyes. Make your own "gooey" stuff and gummy blobs, as we learn REAL chemistry.

Dig It©
Learn about gems, rocks and minerals and where they come from. Uncover the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Pan for real gems and keep what you find. Perform acid tests and more as we classify our gems. Find out why these gems are so precious!

Get Buggy©
Discover the incredible world of bugs. Find out all the cool and creepy things bugs do. See the world through the eyes of bugs, make a spider web to keep and explore the many ways insects and spiders help our world.

Homemade Fun©
Explore the world of shelters. Discover the many different types of shelters there are. Build an igloo and bird's nest that you can keep! See how animals adapt to their environment.

"The program was exciting and interactive. If this won't motivate the children to learn about science, nothing will!"

Jurassic Jr.©
Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist as we dig for real fossils that we keep. Uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs. Make your very own fossil replica.

Let's Make Sense©
Have FUN as we make sense out of our senses. Explore our 5 senses, one at a time. Learn how our receptors are connected to our brain and discover how much we rely on our senses.

Magnet Makers©
Discover the properties of magnetism. Have FUN as we uncover all the "attractive" facts. Explore electromagnets, magnetic fields and much more!

Smarty Plants©
Discover the amazing world of plants. Learn about photosynthesis and germination. Have a hands-on look at roots, shoots, and transportation inside a plant. Get all the "seedy" facts!

Sounds Like Fun©
Learn about the different types of sound. Discover what sounds actually are. Make sound travel through different media. Build an ear drum. Make salt dance and water fly! Take home your very own kazoo.

Up, Up and Away©
Learn about aerodynamics and what makes things fly. Learn about lift and drag as we use blimps and balloons. Launch a rocket, make a helicopter and discover why what comes up must come down.

"The students learned things that they will always remember because of the hands on experience. Thanks, it was great!"
R. Weeks, 1st Grade Teacher, Funston School, Funston, GA

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather and watch air move as we discover all the amazing properties of air pressure. Touch lightning and make conditions change as we lift ice cubes with a string!

What's the Matter©
Have FUN as we explore solids, liquids and gases one state at a time. Discover for yourself how to weigh air. Take home your very own density bag!

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!


Specific programs may be adapted for grades K-2.

Beauty and the Yeast©
There's a fungus among us! Step back in time to the days of Louis Pasteur and learn about germs, mold, yeast and more. See all the cool little critter that grow on you and make your own bread!

Cosmic Capers©
Discover how cool the sun really is. Have a real impact as you become a crater maker. Learn about our planets, the moon, eclipses and much more. Enjoy some astronaut ice cream.

Edison's Workshop©
Explore the amazing world of electricity. Learn what's "current" as you make your very own electroscope and much more. Ring doorbells and light up light bulbs. Discover all the electrifying facts!

"This program was excellent! Students were totally engaged the entire time. The presenter encouraged students to have fun in a safe, organized manner and had them learning without realizing it. We need more of this!"
D. Smallwood, 5th Grade Teacher, Port St. Joe Elementary, Port St. Joe, FL

Fossil Fun©
Uncover the mystery of fossils and make a replica of your very own. Become an archeologist, lead a dig and find a real shark's tooth!

Get the facts...on those natural acts! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes. Learn about our changing conditions which cause these phenomena. Have FUN as we make them happen in your classroom!

Gold Rush©
Step into world of Geology. Learn about gems, rocks and minerals and where they come from. Pan for real gemstones and keep what you find! Perform acid tests and more as you classify your gems.

Heat, EnerGee and Me©
Conduction, convection and radiation are the hot topics! Capture solar energy with ultraviolet beads and watch light spin out of control! Discover what temperature really means.

"The experiments on cells were fabulous! It was a great enrichment and review for the students. You are always eager to help our children gain a better understanding of science."
L. Faison, 3rd Grade Teacher, Cox Elementary, Moultrie, GA

Newton in the Nutshell©
Step back in time to the days of Newton and his famous Laws of Motion. Have a hands-on look at these forces. Discover gravity and have FUN as we push, pull, and get the job done!

Power of Light©
Find out just how amazing light is. What is invisible light? Discover ROY G. BIV and the electromagnetic spectrum. Uncover the mysteries behind light. Become "energized" as we bend, scatter and reflect light and much more!

Silly Cells©
Discover the amazing world of Biology. Experience osmosis and make your very own edible cell! Become a geneticist and extract real DNA! Get ready to send in the clones!

"You did a great job!! You kept their attention & order in the classroom! No small task! Super program!"
K. Keith, 6th Grade Teacher, Evangel Christian Academy, Tallahassee, FL

The Reaction Attraction©
This is the coolest attraction in town! Have fun as we discover the world of chemistry. Get the solution in this fast paced program on chemical reactions. Explore indicators, and make your very own polymer to keep!

The Real McCoy©
Join us on a fun filled adventure as we discover several very famous African American scientists. Learn about their incredible contributions to science. Have FUN as we do some real cool experiments while honoring these great scientists.

Discover all the amazing facts about sound, make your very own ear drum and watch salt dance! Take home a talking string!

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Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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