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Birthday Party Packages:

Basic Birthday Party Package for up to 12 Children includes:
* Introduction to Science
* Making Space Mud
* Making Gummy Blobs
* Ice Fishing
* Making & Exploding Volcanoes
* Science Prize for the Birthday Child
* Each Child Receives Personalized Science Certificate

Please contact our office to schedule your party.

Party may be upgraded and/or additional children may be included for a nominal fee.

With the basic party children will get several things to fill up their goody bags: Space Mud (we provide the snack bag to put it in, then it goes into the goody bag), a real pipette (from making the gummies), and a neat science certificate. Your birthday child will also get his/her own Tornado Tube in his/her favorite color, very cool! This basic party costs $200 and lasts approximately 45-60 minutes, depending upon how many children are included.

To the above party you may add:
1)Panning for gemstones: we bring a trough of the earth's crust seeded with real semi-precious gemstones and the children can keep whatever they find - everyone will find a snack bag full - which is another addition to the goody bag. This activity takes an additional 15-20 minutes and adds $35 to the cost of the basic party.

2)Hair-raising experience: we bring a Van de Graaf generator for the children to put their hands on; when we turn it on, it generates an enormous amount of static electricity, which in turn makes the children's hair stand straight up. This activity takes an additional 10-15 minutes and adds $25 to the cost of the basic party.

3)Fossils: The children make plaster imprints of T-Rex teeth, which they get to keep. This takes about 15 minutes and we do it at the beginning of the party so the plaster has time to harden during the rest of the activities. Add $30 to the basic party.

High Touch-High Tech provides all materials for this exceptional birthday science experience. Parents provide goody bags & a garden hose & all other food & activities planned after the conclusion of the science portion.

We recommend having the science party outdoors; children simply need an area where they can sit and work, such as a driveway, and in case of inclement weather, a garage or covered area should be provided.

We recommend putting a time on the invitation that is 15 minutes earlier than the planned start of the party and our scientist will arrive 15 minutes before that. This allows for "stragglers" not to miss any part of the science fun, which moves quickly once the party starts.

Approximately one week prior to the party, parents should provide High Touch-High Tech with a list of invitees and with the birthday child's favorite color.

There is a $35.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold the date.

Thank you for your interest in High Touch-High Tech; we're looking forward to making your child's birthday scientifically special!


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